Contracting in Mozambique? It’s not all work and no play…

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So you’ve arrived in Mozambique, found your quarters, met your co-workers, and are settling in well to your exciting new contract. You’re probably working long hours…and hopefully loving it. But what do you do when the working week ends and you find yourself with two days ahead of you? And are you the type to curl up with a good book every evening or are you wondering what to do when the whistle blows at the end of each day?

Something for everyone, as long as it’s outdoors

You don’t have to be outdoors, of course. There’s no harm in curling up with that good book, or settling down to watch Man United on the box. But with so much on offer it will be hard to resist getting out and about. Whatever your sport – whether it is diving, fishing, surfing, horse-riding or quad biking – and wherever in the country you are – Mozambique has something for everyone.

Water, water, everywhere

Given that Mozambique is on the coast of Africa, and has four sets of islands just off the coast, it’s no surprise that watersports are very popular. Whether it’s scuba diving, swimming with dolphins or diving with manta rays there’s lots to do in the water up and down the coast. If you’d rather stay dry and enjoy the sea from a distance you might want to relax on the beach at Barra Beach, Xai Xai, Pemba or Tofo. If you like to fish you’ll find Moz a fishing paradise, with game fishing featuring strongly. In many places you can choose to fish from a boat or from the shore. Inland lakes and dams are known for Tiger fishing, particularly the Cahorra Bassa Dam, near Tete, a mining area.

Barra Beach is also a good spot for quad biking and horse-riding.

Natural beauty

If you want to see some wildlife that doesn’t have fins, check out Gorongosa National Park. This park was neglected for some time but over the last decade has been slowly restored. It is now firmly on the up as a ‘must-see’ destination for wildlife and scenery in Mozambique.


If it’s a vibrant nightlife you’re looking for, you’d better hope your posting is in Maputo. This is where you will find excellent seafood restaurants and a bustling café scene. It’s a compact city so it’s easy to get around. Just remember the advice we gave you in “Mozambique: Know before you go” and be careful at night, especially if you’ve enjoyed a beer or two with your seafood. Further up the coast Vilanculos is also known for its nightlife and the village of Tofo has good bars and restaurants, mostly targeting the divers and sunseekers who holiday around there.

All alone?

Solo eating in restaurants, however nice they are and however good the food, can get a bit lonely. Hopefully you’ll make social connections at work, but that doesn’t always happen for expats working away from home. Consultnet can help you find like-minded people working nearby. Join or start a group for professionals in your country. Or share information on the forum. You may find there are already fellow contractors in your vicinity who get together from time to time. If you have just started your contract and there are outgoing contractors in your workplace, ask them for hints and tips. Next year it may be you dishing out the advice!

It’s all about balance

We know that when you are posted abroad work is your first priority and you work hard. Consultnet is here to support you with professional connections and industry information to help you keep on top of your game. But everyone needs quality recovery time. And one of the thrills of taking a contract in another country is being able to explore that country at your leisure…a little bit every weekend. For more information on things to do in Mozambique check out And have fun!

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