How to work and play in Mozambique – must see tourist sites

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Being an expat might come with its downs when you don’t know where to go to enjoy the country you work in. Here’s the ten things to do in Mozambique:

Wet & Wild

Mozambique is well known for its beaches and marine life. It is no surprise that most of the coastal countries activities are in water.

One of the popular dive destinations is Pemba which boosts exotic coral reefs. Some of the reefs to explore in Pemba is The Gap reef. It is south of Pemba and very close to inshore. The Gap reef has a continental shelf drop off which goes straight down for between 15 and 100 metres. The shallow wall dive of up to 12 metres on Pemba Bay’s northern peninsula is dubbed The Playground. The reef is suitable for advanced divers and can only be dived in good conditions. The Mozambican coastline has a lot to offer, other intact reef ecosystems are in Tofo, Pomene and the Quirimbas Islands. Explore the deep with whale sharks and manta rays from September to February.

Local Treats

Mozambique is known for its sea food staple that has people flocking to their boarders. The country is said to have some of the best seafood in the world and is famous for the peri-peri prawns dish. It is no surprise that many of its famous dishes revolve around fresh seafood, Mozambique has a long coastline and rich fishing grounds. Traces of the countries Portuguese colonial history can be tasted in the food, with the use of spices such as chilli the fiery Peri Peri chicken.

Mozambique, like most of Africa, has traditional food that is a household staple, for the people living inland. The people that are nowhere near the coastline, maizemeal porridge and meat are the order of the evening. Many people in the country do try and stick to traditional dishes such as Pregos (steak sandwiches) for lunch. The European influence in Mozambique can be seen from how they serve their dinner to guests while they are sited at the table. Unlike most Africans, dinner is had with fork and knife and not with Gods natural forks (bare hands).

Site Seeing

The Ilha de Mozambique island is just off the coast of mainland Mozambique and was a major trading port for many centuries. The now UNESCO World Heritage Site lies between the Mozambique Channel and Mossuril Bay. The island is about 3km long and 500 meters wide. The oldest European building in the Southern Hemisphere rests on this island, Chapel of Nossa Senhora de Baluarte. The chapel was built in 1522 as well as a 16th Century Stone Fort, Historic hospital.

The Maputo Central Market is also a place worth seeing. The buzzing market showcases the cultures that influenced Mozambique. Although run down, the huge market has a vast range of things for sale. Everything from fresh fish, vibrant carpets, spices to home appliances. The market is worth a visit if not to stock up on great things, for the experience.

Like any other country in the world there is crime in the market, so keep your belongings safe and shop till you drop.

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