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It is no secret that the old way of doing things is slowly being phased out. People and companies are adapting a new healthy life style of standing desks and flexible working hours. Judging from Minimocks, even a pool office can be arranged. Not only has research shown that sitting for prolonged periods of time can cause health problems, more and more people are looking for alternative working arrangements.
Kerry Hannon an accountant and feature contributor for Forbes says that she quit her 8-hour job 10 years ago and hasn’t looked back since. Hannon describes the lush hills and sun kissed grass outside her porch as her office. However, if we are not careful we will end up couch potatoes if we don’t have a plan for working from home.
Here are a few tips on how to make it work:
1. Home office
Set up a home office that is specifically used for work. As formal as a home office sounds, it doesn’t have to be a separate room, even placing a work station in front of a window or favorite spot in the house counts as an office.

This helps with discipline and time management. Working from home saves time that would have been used to get ready for work and traffic jams. But if you work sitting on a couch, productivity might not be rested there. Working while sitting in bed or on a couch can become too comfortable and harm your delivery time of important work. So, set up that productivity pod and get working.
2. Create a daily schedule
This will help both you and your employer. Without a schedule, it is easy to get sucked into being available to work any time, any day. Working from home means longer hours, because instead of showering for work at 6am you are answering work emails.
It is important to set well-defined work hours to avoid phone calls and emails without boundaries on your personal time. Working from home on a regular basis, requires advanced organizing skills, strong time management skills and demands of you to be a self-starter. If you struggle with keeping up with all your tasks, you can get yourself the Pomodoro Timer app. This app is a Chrome extension which lets you add tasks and schedule them by the approximate amount of time it would take to complete them. The tasks are automatically added in 25-minute bursts.
3. Be an extrovert
It is difficult to build workplace relationships when working remotely and you miss chances to meet new people in the office. This is an intangible loss, but push yourself to get out of the house, and have more “out-of-the-office lunch”, or coffee with colleagues and bosses.
Occasionally call instead of sending an email, this might seem foreign in this digital age, but it stimulates human interaction. Remember out of site out of mind. Make plans after work, this will help you not to turn into a lazy recluse.

5. Use technology to engage
Dust off those digital skills and get started. For a start you can get social on LinkedIn groups that relate to your work, employer, past employers, or other interests that you follow. Be active and remember that it is important to comment and engage. Learning basic tech skills will come in handy when experiencing tech glitches. The IT department doesn’t make house calls.
Conclusion- I’m not sure what your thoughts are on having a conclusion to the article. If you feel it is unnecessary, please let me know

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I love this concept and I do it at home the only problem is that one has to be disciplined

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