Who Will Qualify for Critical Skills Work Permit? – From Winemakers to Payroll Managers

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The starting point when bringing in a foreign specialist into your business is the Critical Skills List, which notes the professions where Home Affairs issues Work Permits due to areas where there are shortages of skills.

Foreign nationals who therefore have the skills listed on the Critical Skills list may apply for a Critical Skills Work Visa to work in South Africa. The list has been highly criticised, from not including many business skills, to certain categories being “abused” by a wide interpretation.

Over the last 18 months there has been talk of refining the list further with the “Corporate General Manager” category top of the chopping block. This new list is highly anticipated with wide spread speculation on what will be included, or perhaps more importantly excluded.

Do you need a new Museum Manager, Director of Marketing or IT specialist?

The Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) has published the “National list of occupations in high demand: 2018” listing over 370 high-demand occupations in South Africa.

The occupations listed are those that show relatively strong employment growth and/or are experiencing shortages in the labour market or which are expected to be in demand in future.

The Critical Skills list published in 2014 was developed in conjunction with the occupations in high demand and the scarce skills lists of the DHET. It is therefore expected that the 2018 list will again be consulted when revising the Critical Skills list and as such may provide a window into what we may expect from revised Critical Skills list.

For the first time the DHET list has been divided into three levels of demand, highest demand, higher demand, and high demand. Cross referencing the occupations on the above DHET list to the current Critical Skills list published in 2014, we highlighted below some of the occupations still showing high demand as well as a few new and emerging occupations not on the DHET list before and not on the current Critical Skills list.

Still in High Demand                         New Occupation
External Auditor                                  Payroll Manager
Corporate Central Manager                Chief Financial Officer
Production / Operation Manager         Interactive and Direct Marketing Strategist
Construction Project Manager            Laboratory Manager
Civil Engineer                                      Road Transport Manager
Mining Engineer                                  Power Generation Operations Manager
Quantity Surveyor                               Warehouse Manager
Draughtsperson                                  Power Generation Ops Manager
Millwright                                             Fleet Manager
Rental Pharmacist                              Data Management Manager
Financial Investment Advisor             Application Dev Manager
Software Developer                           Information Technology Manager
Registered Nurse                               Information Systems Director
Veterinarian                                        Wine Maker
Museum Manager
Office Manager
Process Engineer

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