Your Health, Your Wealth- Tips on How to Stay Healthy in a Demanding Work Environment

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It is common to have a bad day at work or have difference of opinion with co-workers or managers. Dealing with a hostile work environment often presents more of a challenge. Hostile work environments are characterized by unfairness, abuses of power, emotional instability, and other types of toxic behaviour. These kinds of workplaces impact your health, lower productivity and increase stress. Michele Marrinan says that it is possible to not only survive but also thrive and stay healthy in such environments. This article offers suggestions on coping in toxic environment.

Emotional Intelligence

It is impossible to control how others behave and react toward you, however you can control how your actions and reactions. The worst thing one can do in a hostile environment is emulate the bad behavior or negativity exhibited by the people around them. The Good news is that like a skill emotional intelligence can be taught, learnt and sharpened.
• Learn to take a 5min break when being provoked instead of lashing out
• Remain positive and act professional always
• Continue to perform your duties to the best of your abilities

Speak Up

Don’t wait to be asked if you are coping, approach your manager or HR manager if you feel depleted and demotivated about your work environment. Although it can be difficult to identify positive aspects of a hostile work environment, keep positive and see it as an opportunity to learn.

Improve your space

We all know that everything seems better when you get along with people around you. But in toxic environments this might prove to be difficult, especially when trying to make friends. Always keep a friendly appearance and steer clear of office gossip. This will help improve your surrounding and mood. There are also other ways to improve your surroundings, such as:
•De-cluttering your work space
•Placing family pictures on your desk or a plant, or something to remind you of home
•Use sticky notes to post positive quotes
•The changes you make do not have to be drastic or extreme

Rest and reboot

Try not to worry about what is occurring at the office or what might occur when you return while away from the office. This will provide you with time to reboot and distance yourself from the negative environment. Avoid checking work emails and voice notes. Do not rehash the negative events of the day by venting to friends and family, bringing back negative feelings.

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